2023 Fall/Winter Registration

KVBA is pleased to announce that registration for the 2023 Fall/Winter House and Competitive Programs is open as of August 21, 2023!

Starting with pre-season (for House) on Oct 3, 2023, KVBA will be offering basketball programs for ballers of all skill levels.

Our Competitive programs are suited to players willing to make a high level of commitment to the program, and these teams will practice twice per week with games and tournaments typically on the weekends (travel for games is required).


Registration is OPEN! Click HERE to register!

House Programs

Register for: If birthdate is: Practices Per Week Games Per Week Registration Fee:
U72017-20181 x 60minsNone (fun skill building exercises)$100
U92015-20161 x 60mins1$165
U112013-20141 x 60mins1$165
U142010-20121 x 60mins1$165
U182009 -1 x 60mins1$165

Competitive Programs

Register for: If birthdate is: Practices Per Week Typical Games Per Week Fees
U112013-20142 x 90 mins2$450
U132011-20122 x 90 mins2$450
U142010-20112 x 90 mins2$450

Registration for Competitive is now CLOSED. Thank you to all applicants!


Q:           What time and where will practice be?

A:           U7 and U9 have the option of choosing their preferred night. The schedule for older age groups will be determined in September.


Q:           Why am I not able to know the day and time of practice now?

A:           For U11 and up, practice nights are dependent on a number of factors including the evening that coaches are available and number of registrants. To ensure gym time is optimized, we must complete the registration process. Also to promote fairness and parity between teams, you will not know what team your child is on until balancing is complete in October.


Q:           Who is my child’s coach?

A:           Coaches are not allocated to specific teams until the end of the registration process.


Q:           Can my child be on a team with her/his friend?

A:           Children are placed on teams to ensure they are balanced ((e.g. experience, height, etc.) and fair. Accepting requests for friends to be on teams may upset the balance and is difficult to accommodate.


Q:           How much is registration?

A:           Information on registration fees can be found above.


Q:           How long is the season?

A:           The Fall/Winter season runs from October 3, 2023 to February 24, 2024. Spring session runs from March 15 to April 26, 2024. U7 Spring sessions are 4 weeks during that period. Older age groups are 6 weeks.


Q:           How often do they practice?

A:           House/Recreational league teams practice one weeknight and play one game on Saturdays. Competitive league teams practice 2 nights during the week and number of times during the weekend.


Q:           Are games the same time every week?

A:           House/Recreational league games are generally on Saturdays. The time may vary from Saturday to Saturday. Competitive league teams may play at any time, including weeknights, depending on the game schedule set by the coach.


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