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Start of KVBA Fall/Winter Session 2023

Welcome to Fall Ball! KVBA's 2023-24 season is underway! KVBA offers basketball programming for all skill levels, whether new to the sport or looking to play "next level", there is a program for you!

Message from the President

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to KVBA 2023-24!

KVBA's mandate is to provide an opportunity for children (aka ballers) to partake in--and enjoy--physical activity. Obviously, we believe that basketball is a fantastic means of doing so.  We are proud to deliver quality basketball programming to the community as a volunteer run, non-profit organization.  We are just as proud that we have done so for almost 50 years! Many of our alumni continue to contribute to the sport in some fashion, be it continuing to play, refereeing, volunteering for associations or simply supporting the sport as enthusiastic spectators. Lifelong friendships have been forged from young ballers’ time with KVBA.

To ensure we are able to continue providing our programming, we rely very heavily on the use of community resources. Area schools are one such key resource, which brings me to the following housekeeping item:

Use of Schools:

KVBA rents space from a number of schools in the community. As the second largest basketball association in the province, the use of multiple schools is critical to our ability to develop young athletes. The arrangements with schools allow KVBA players and coaches to conduct activities within designated areas, generally the gym itself and the closest washroom facilities to it. Please help KVBA maintain its healthy relationship with the schools and the school board by staying in the designated areas and being respectful of the property.

The notion of respect brings me to the next housekeeping item:

Code of Conduct:

KVBA believes that players should play hard and have fun while also being respectful of their teammates, coaches and game officials. The credo also holds true for spectators. Spectators should enjoy themselves at games (and we hope they do), however please ensure that your love and enthusiasm are expressed in a respectful manner. Encourage and positively reinforce your young athletes as they play. Respect the decisions and judgements of the officials--that is not an easy job!


KVBA participates in the referee development program. Every year new referees (young and “more experienced”) are trained or “skilled up” so that they can officiate games in a consistent and effective manner. Some of our valued referees are only 14 or 15 years of age! While very competent, they are still young. Please understand that just as the players are developing, so are our young referees. Please respect their judgement and appreciate that their role is a challenging one. In fact, the same holds true for referees of any age.

We are looking forward to a wonderful season of basketball. Registration has hit a new high this year so it seems that you are looking forward to a wonderful season as well.

To the young ballers: Enjoy this time! Embrace the sport and your team.

To parents and guardians: Be enthusiastic and encouraging supporters! Your young athletes will thank you (even if they do not say it out loud).


Huey Lord - President KVBA


Age Groups (House/Recreation Program)



See below for age group offerings:

Register for: If birthdate is: Practices Per Week Games Per Week Registration Fee:
U72017-20181 x 60minsNone (fun skill building exercises)$100
U92015-20161 x 60mins1$165
U112013-20141 x 60mins1$165
U142010-20121 x 60mins1$165
U182009 -1 x 60mins1$165

Community Corner

See the basketball goings on in our community here.



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