BNB Code of Conduct 

BNB Code of Conduct for players, coaches, officials, volunteers


BNB Code of Conduct

House League information for 2019-20

Code of Conduct

Hello KVBA community,

As we prepare for the final weeks of the first half of our 2019-2020 season, I want to, on behalf of the board of directors, wish you all the best during this exciting time of the year.

We hope you have enjoyed the KVBA season to date and the great benefits this sport offers. The developments we are seeing on the court is remarkable.

The KVBA is one of the oldest and largest associations in the province. We are thrilled you are a member of this great association. This year, we are celebrating our 45th anniversary and before we know it, plans will for our 50th anniversary will be underway. Some great accomplishments, to say the least.

As teams hit the court this weekend, we encourage everyone at all levels to continue to respect this great game – whether it is through interaction with coaches, volunteers, officials, parents or opponents. Basketball New Brunswick’s code of conduct is a great guide to follow and share with the players in your household to discuss the best course of action each time at the gym.

We will soon into our annual holiday break and then our second half will be going before we know it. Make sure to check with your coach and/or manager about specific times during December and early January.

Good luck this weekend and enjoy the action on the court.

Kevin Barrett

President, KVBA